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NEMT Services

We extend our non-emergency medical transportation services across Southern California and nationwide. Our inception was driven by a commitment to minimize canceled appointments, ensuring patients and their families experience smooth and stress-free transportation. This dedication goes beyond mere travel - our goal is to alleviate the inherent stress associated with medical transportation. By focusing on peace, comfort, and reliability, we not only meet but often exceed industry standards, fulfilling our mission with every journey.

A group of individuals seated together in a rehabilitation center, showing care and support for one another.

Rehabilitation Centers

A doctor explaining the details of the dialysis process to a patient in a medical office.

Dialysis Centers

A family arriving at a medical center, using Elite Healthcare Transportation's NEMT services.

Doctors' Offices

Possible trips include, but not limited to:

  • Hospitals for Admission/Discharge
  • Specialized Medical Facilities
  • Routine Check-ups
  • Physical Therapy Sessions
  • Chemotherapy Treatments
  • Radiation Treatments
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Mental Health Services
  • And More

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Payment Flexibility

We offer flexible payment options, including Medicaid, Medicare, and private pay.

  • Whether you reside in bustling urban areas like Denver, Colorado Springs, or Boulder, or in more rural regions, we have you covered.

Office Hours

Mon - Fri: 5 am - 6 pm
Sat: 8 am - 10 pm

for Your Medical Transportation Needs

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Ambulatory Service: For those who can walk on their own or with minimal assistance.

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Wheelchair Service: Specially equipped vans for comfortable wheelchair transportation.

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Stretcher Service: For non-ambulatory patients needing transportation in a lying down position.

Ensuring Safety and Comfort

In Every Journey

We blend safety and comfort seamlessly into our transport services. Our rigorously maintained, modern fleet – all vehicles 6 years or newer – are equipped with top-tier safety features. Coupled with our team’s extensive healthcare experience and compassionate approach, we assure not just a ride, but a trust-filled journey to your medical destinations.

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